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Mini Express train for rent

- children's parties and events
- festivals and celebrations
- city parks and city centers
- outdoor and indoor shopping centers 
- hotels and swimming pools
- Zoos
- kindergartens and schools ....

Mini Express presentation

Our train will always be
cheer up your little ones and You too ...


What is Mini Express?

Mini Express is a carefully designed copy of steam trains in the first half of the 20th century. It can accommodate up to 24 children or about 18 children and adults.
Mini Express is a real magnet for children and is made especially for use in city pedestrian zones, city parks, entertainment centers and major shopping centers. This is suitable for small dimensions (max. Width 105cm, total maximum length 11m, turning circle 5.5m, total weight 1218kg, speed max. 6.1km / h).



Mini Express is a train comosition on an electric (battery) drive for the transport of children and adults. It is quiet, economical and environmentally friendly. The battery power supply ensures continuous use throughout the day. The composition of the locomotive and the four wagons moves on the trackless tires.
Mini Express produces the original sound of steam locomotive and water vapor that is completely safe and non-toxic. In all wagons are built-in loudspeakers for playing music and advertisements.



Mini Express moves with walking speed and is a perfectly safe composition. It is equipped with anti colision system which use ultrasonic detector to sense objects, person and automatically stopping against a barrier. Safety door locks make it impossible to open while driving, and rubber door handles protect children's fingers. However, the driver can always communicate with passengers through the sound system. There are also protective nets between the trolleys. Mini Express has ISO 17842 and TUI certification in accordance with European regulations.


How do you get to us - and we to you?

We bring the train wherever you want and when the ride is complete we take it back.

So you do not have any worries.

 Gallery Mini Express

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Rental price
Mini Express

Experience an unforgettable adventure with your little ones

Validity of the price list: 01.03.2018 until the creation of a new price list.
VAT is not included in prices.

Daily rent

€  1.300
till 6 hour
  • Price includes:
  • rent of a composition (locomotive + 4 wagons)
  • train driver and hostesess 
  • free advertising space on the sides of three wagons and roofs of two wagons

Additional hour

€  99 

Transportation to the location

€  1,50  per km

Advertising Boards

€  299 

  • production of advertising boards
  • up to 16 pcs on the sides of the wagons
  • up to 4 pcs on the roof of the wagoons

Videospot of event

€  359

  • recording and postproducing videospot of event up to 3 minutes


  • ticket printing
  • designing ads for avertising tables
  •   additional animator (with balloons, halls ...)
  • musical scenes (music selection, production of advertising ...)
  •  additional themed decoration of the train

How can
You make money
with Mini Express ?


Advertising boards
on wagons

on the sides of the wagons are a place for advertising that you can offer to your business partners

Advertising boards can be produced by us


Advertising  jingles on the train

In waggons is a sound system through which we can broadcast advertising jingles to passengers

Advertising jingle can be made in our studio 


Seeling tickets

You can make money by selling tickets

Tickets can be made by us


We will be happy to answer any questions,
so do not hesitate.
Your little ones will be immensely pleased with adventure with Mini Express.
Call us at the number + 386 41 686 011
or send a message to

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